Natural Fragrances


Each month Chasfragrance will create a women's fragrance and a men's fragrance from natural essential oils. Smell our creations and then tell us what you would like us to create, just for you. The journey begins . 


'DIY' ! This is for you.


Those currently using essential oils, can  get certified organic, non-GMO essential oils in small quantities. Some of our essential oils can be purchased in sizes as small as 5 ml (100 drops). We offer Steam extracted, CO2 extracted, Absolutes, and hydrosols to choose from.

For those who use Diffusers


Earth is filled with different plants.  Within the seeds, stems, bark, roots, wood, needles, flowers and fruit of these wonderful plants, essential oils can be found. So, if you have ever wondered where essential oils come from... they are all around us. Diffusing these oils can help with maintaining a healthy life style.

Essential and Designer Blends


Love designer fragrances, yet want that special scent that no one can get their hands on. Blending might work. Blend essential oils with synthetic scents for a unique fragrance. Talk to us. We may be able to work with you to come up with something.



Misting and spraying are the most popular way of using these water fragrant products. Body sprays, facial sprays, air freshener sprays, car freshener spray, linen sprays, etc 



Don't use pure undiluted essential oil directly on your skin.

Don't let children use essential oils with out guidance.

Essential oils are flammable, don't keep near open flames.

use your diffuser wisely. Don't run continuously.